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Chittawan serves as the director of technology for MSU's International Students Association.

"My teacher back in high school, he actually graduated from East Lansing... so coming to Michigan State wasn't necessarily a hard choice, I would say. I was also on a scholarship as well."

"My immigration status right now is currently F1, which is probably the most normal one."

"I will probably come back if there are opportunities I can do in the United States. I think that's pretty much the kind of thing I decided... If the immigration policies are improved, which I don't see it will, I'll probably come back."

"Michigan State's involvement in the international community at large has been pretty significant. International students have come to Michigan State for almost three or four decades."

"Michigan State, an the government at large, needs to put more support for international students, especially providing more funding opportunities for students from Africa who want to come here to get their knowledge and go back to improve their country... or increase international students from Europe to do exchange programs at Michigan State."

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