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"(Studying at Michigan State University) was totally different to be honest. At least, at my home university we don't have a real campus where all the university buildings are close to each other. The buildings are all over the city... MSU was kind of like a small city of its own. Here it's not like this. And also we don't have dorms the university provides. Everyone tries to get an apartment."

"At least for my major, economics, the classes were way smaller in East Lansing, at Michigan State. In Germany, my classes were sometimes as big as 400 or 500 people."

"The thing that stuck out to me was the school spirit that was going on there. It feels like more of a community than it does here (in Germany)... It feels like a kind of family, and that's not something I'm used to here in Germany. The university is just for education, and there's no such thing as university sport teams or university clubs or anything."

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