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"My freshman year in high school, they told my mom that there was nothing they could do for her, that she had to get deported. So I just remember we rallied, we campaigned, we called representatives to help us we tried contacting everyone that we knew, luckily something worked because her deportation got stopped and then ever since then, under Obama she would have these probation visits once a year.

"So every year she would go and they would just check up on her to make sure that she’s still in the country, that she hasn’t done anything, she’s still working, she’s still - she doesn’t have any charges or anything, you know.

"However now, under Trump, we don’t really have these - we don’t have these rules, we don’t have priorities anymore."

"When my mom first got detained I completely isolated myself. I lost a lot of friends because of it. I just remember I’d go to school, I wouldn’t talk to anybody, and I’d come straight home so a lot of my friends were wondering what was going on with me because I would usually hang out with them after school, or I’d play sports or whatever, and after that happened I just quit everything. I didn’t really want to talk to anybody. I think I entered a depressive state. I would just stay in my room the whole time. I just didn’t want to talk to anybody. I kind of hated myself. I hated everybody. I just had a lot of anger inside of me and I didn’t know who to turn it to."

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